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  Meet the CEO

Ajay has close to 30 years of executive experience in technology and marketing. He has extensive knowledge and understanding in managing business in the SMB markets through to Enterprise accounts. In his last role with Xerox, Ajay was Vice President, Indirect Channel Operations for Canada. Ajay has a history of building business units, training excellent sales teams and running successful companies with an eye towards the bottom line.

Lumenshare is a Canadian owned and operated company supplying LED Lighting Retro Fits to Commercial and Government Funded Facilities all over Ontario. Lumenshare works together with the  Independent Local Contractor and the local utility to offer an LED Retro-Fit program that shares the benefit of installing LED lighting into larger commercial and government facilities. Our program provides a unique program compared to the typical “Sale” or “Equipment Lease” LED Retro Fit  providers offer.

Lumenshare has a unique value proposition where we are ideally positioned to attain mutual benefit for both parties.

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