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Meet The Founder

Mr Grice has over 30 years experience in the Energy Sector in Canada and the U.S. In 1991 he co-created Trans-Prairie Energy Limited which quickly bought out it's Supplier, an Aggregator of Natural Gas Supply, "Direct Energy" out of Calgary and and  rose to become a publicly traded company. That company, after many changes, including branching into Telecommunications with STN (Smart Talk Network), NGW (Natural Gas Wholesalers) and eventually Direct Energy sold as a publicly traded company and then was purchased outright by Centrica in 2002 for 1.2 Billion Dollars.  He has been involved in developing and Managing Sales Teams and Recruiting and Training Programs for several companies in Canada and the U.S. working as a consultant including Universal Energy, Texas New Mexico Power and Just Energy. In 2013 Mr Grice branched into investigating L.E.D. Technologies and recognizing the huge potential for Energy Savings including working with utilities throughout Ontario , including Toronto Hydro and Hydro One, as well as Government Agencies including the I.E.S.O. and The Save on Energy Program. Lumenshare was born, an accredited Authorized Representative of all Electric Utilities offering the incentive program in Ontario.

Lumenshare is a Canadian owned and operated company supplying LED Lighting Retro Fits to Commercial and Government Funded Facilities all over Ontario. Lumenshare works together with the  Independent Local Contractor and the local utility to offer an LED Retro-Fit program that shares the benefit of installing LED lighting into larger commercial and government facilities. Our program provides a unique program compared to the typical “Sale” or “Equipment Lease” LED Retro Fit  providers offer.

Lumenshare has a unique value proposition where we are ideally positioned to attain mutual benefit for both parties.

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