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Welcome to Lumenshare LED Retro Fits
Lumenshare was set up to provide a unique approach to marketing LED lighting retrofits to the marketplace. Lumenshare also provides traditional sales and leasing to its core group of customers. Lumenshare and it's funding partners.

 The Lumenshare funding concept involves no investment on the part of the client. Lumenshare, through their funders, finance the entire project in exchange of a contractual commitment from the client to remit 50 to 70% of  the calculated energy savings and maintenance savings verified by their local utility monthly for a minimum term of 5 to 10 years once the project is installed.  The client has the option to buy out or finance the project themselves at any time during the agreement with credit for up to 75% of payments to date in addition to any rebates or incentives.
Our customers enjoy piece of mind as Lumenshare assumes all responsibility for maintenance of their lighting and future upgrades as new better lighting systems become available. We work with our clients to increase lighting levels and minimize electrical consumption.
Lumenshare provides complete audit and rebate processing through the Save On Energy Program through the I.E.S.O. and is a recognized A/R  for Toronto Hydro and Hydro One. We can process  Prescriptive, Custom and Engineered Rebate applications.